Welcome to CS4All

How Does CS4All Work?

The Computer Science for All (CS4All) initiative offers a number of programs focused on helping schools to expand computer science (CS) exposure, offer access to robust CS experiences, and foster a sense of belonging in computer science for students.

When a school participates in CS4All, teachers and administrators receive extensive professional learning on computer science curriculum, resources on building CS culture, and support from the NYC DOE’s Computer Science Education Team.

Computer Science for All will ensure that all NYC public school students learn computer science, with an emphasis on students who identify as girls, Black and Latinx students. Through our work, students will be better prepared to utilize computer science during their K-12 experience and after graduation.

What is CS Education?

Computer science is the study of the capabilities and limitations of computers. Computational literacy is the ability to understand how CS can be applied in all walks of life. New York City public school students develop computational literacy through creative computing.

When you enter a CS classroom, you may find students:

Learn more about our approach to CS education on our Blueprint website.

Where is CS?

Map image showing CS4All has trained teachers in every borough of NYC.