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Meet Your Computer Science Education Manager

Dan Gaylord CSEM

Bio & Contact

Dan Gaylord is the Computer Science Education Manager for Queens North. Dan has been studying Computer Science for most of his life, taking his first course as a freshman in high school (in PASCAL) and he hasn’t stopped learning since then. He majored in Computer Science at Rutgers University, then became a Math & Computer Science teacher in a high school in New Jersey. Bringing Computer Science to all students in NYC is the perfect next step for him, and he is looking forward to helping all administrators, teachers, students, and parents see the amazing things that can be accomplished with Computer Science Education!

If you have any questions or need any help, feel free to reach Dan at dgaylord@strongschools.nyc

Upcoming Events

There are currently no events planned, but keep looking here to see what is upcoming!

Community Events

The Queens Xperience Social Hackathon

The Queens Xperience Social Hackathon (a collaboration between the CS4ALL Queens South and Queens North Education Managers and their FSCs) is a social hackathon experience designed to introduce communities to computer science principles and entrepreneurial thinking in a fun, engaging, and accessible setting. Student and family teams who participate are challenged to solve real problems that directly affect the neighborhood they live in. The student-family teams develop an app prototype for mobile devices, create philanthropic-driven business plans, and design a social media marketing strategy to get the product into consumer hands.

Find out what happened at the last Queens Xperience Social Hackathon here.

CS4All will launch a version of the QXSH for elementary school families in Spring 2017.

Resource Links

Code.org: Great resources for teaching coding to elementary, middle, and high school students!
ScratchEd: A repository of teacher-made resources for Scratch, a block-based language
CS Unplugged: Activities that help teach computer science concepts without computers!
Thimble: A useful web development platform. Make sure to use it with X-Ray Goggles!
Google CS Education: Google’s foray into CS education. Many resources and tools to use
Pythonroom: A great Python tutorial for those ready to graduate into text-based programming
Codecademy: Many courses to take (most for free) in almost every scripting language there is

Map of Schools

This is the map of schools in districts 24, 25, 26, & 30 that are currently being helped by Dan or the CS4ALL Program team

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