Pathfinders Program Information for Students

What is Pathfinders?

Pathfinders is a unique 8-week program designed for high school students enrolled in a computer science class. Through 20 hours of career-readiness training and 6 weeks of on-the-job experience, students learn about workplace fundamentals and have opportunities to explore pathways in technology careers.

The Spring 2017 schedule is as follows:

  • April 8, 9am-3pm: Career readiness training #1
  • April 22, 9am-3pm: Career readiness training #2
  • May 1-June 9: Students report to their internship sites
  • May 20, 10am-12:30pm: Office hours check-in
  • June 10, 9am-3pm: Career readiness training #3

Who is Pathfinders for?

Currently, Pathfinders is open to 9th, 10th, and 11th grade SEP Cohort 2 and BJC students.

What Kinds of Work Does a Pathfinders Student Do?

The end goal of Pathfinders is an authentic exposure to the workplace. Students are not guaranteed a coding mentorship. We do try our best to find software engineering-related placements, although most host organizations are interested in having help with things like research, marketing, tech support, and data entry.

Program Expectations

  • Attend all 4 Saturday trainings
  • Commit to working 4-6 hours a week for 6 weeks
  • Timely completion of writing assignments
  • Be courteous, respectful, & professional

How to Apply

Complete an online application here.