SEP Curriculum Development Opportunities

Apply to Become a Computer Science Curriculum Developer

We are looking for programmers and educators to design curriculum for NYC public middle and high school teachers without a CS background. The curriculum will break down computer science concepts and practices into a sequence of stand-alone projects that teachers can help students build.

Curriculum Descriptions

Documentation guide for CS projects

(2-3 weeks, middle and high school)

Start date: March 13, 2017

Course description:

This unit will guide students through the major steps of documentation of their projects. From capturing initial ideas, the design process and final output, this guide should serve as a structured way for students to share their work with other people as well as build up a portfolio of categorized and searchable work.

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Data visualization using p5.js

(6 weeks, 10th grade students with p5 knowledge)

Start date: May 17, 2017

Course description:

Students will learn how to interpret and categorize data, identify social implications of data use and use p5 to present visually this content via interactive sketches or stand-alone visual work. To achieve this students will learn how to different external data sets into p5 and map values to visual properties.

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Intro to HTML5/CSS3

(8 weeks, 7th grade students with basic HTML/CSS knowledge)

Start date: March 13, 2017

Course description:

Students will further develop their web design knowledge by introducing new semantic, structural and media elements from HTML5 into new or existing websites. Students will also learn advanced styling methods to add interactivity to their site as well as solidify a better user experience.

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Digital literacy for CS students

(2 weeks, middle school and high school)

Start date: April 10, 2017

Course description:

In this unit students will learn skills such as digital and web literacy to help throughout the year in the SEP class. Students will be able to develop computational thinking skills, understand basic software and hardware components, and classroom culture practices and group these skills towards designing solutions to a problem or creating new content.

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Curriculum requirements for all topics:

  • One 45-minute lesson per day
  • Solidify CS concepts explored in the SEP curriculum via project-based learning teaching (PBL) methodology
  • Engaging and fun independent and group learning activities to teach concepts, foment and enable practice, and create artifacts.
  • Independent and group projects (mid-unit, end of unit, end of topic)
    Topics should also include student work assessment and management strategies
  • Have a culminating project we call team unit at the end of the topic
    Follow the SEP curriculum format template (to be provided by CS4ALL)

How to apply

Please send a detailed unit outline or a list of project/assignment ideas to accompany this unit and an estimated hourly rate or project fee. This outline can be related to any CS topic, doesn’t have to be necessarily for the topic you are applying for. Examples of educational material you can submit include, but are not limited to:

  • Tutorials
  • Blog posts
  • Instructables
  • Github repositories

In your application also provide the following:

  • Relevant experience with this topic
  • Resumé
  • A link to your Github profile
  • A link to your website/portfolio

Please send all materials to and in the subject line please write “CS4ALL – Curriculum Development – [INSERT TOPIC]”.