Software Engineering Program



The Software Engineering Program (SEP) is a multi-year, comprehensive, standards-aligned computer science education program for grades 6 to 12. The goals of the program are:

  1. Increase the number of high school graduates, particularly from traditionally underrepresented groups, that are ready to pursue new and emerging technology-driven roles across industries.
  2. Develop student computational thinking and problem-solving skills in real-world contexts.

From 2013-16, SEP served 42 teachers and more than 3000 students in grades 6-11, across nine high schools and nine middle schools. In 2016-17, SEP expanded to include 22 additional middle and high schools.

Girl with LED light at SEP Hackathon


students at SEP hackathon

The SEP curriculum gives students instruction and experience in the following areas: computer programming, robotics, web design, physical computing, game design and 3D printing. SEP students participate in local and central hackathons, and in work-based experiences with major industry leaders and partners.

View the full Middle / High School Sequence and Curriculum here.

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