By 2025, every student in NYC will receive at least one meaningful unit of computer science instruction at every grade band—K-2, 3-5, 6-8, and 9-12. Computer science is accessible to all students when educators provide hands-on opportunities that connect to students’ interests. This approach to computing education is called creative computing. A meaningful unit:

  • engages students in 10-25 hours of creative computing activities, labs, or projects that connect to students’ interests;
  • assesses students’ process creating artifacts and their ability to create artifacts that meet specific requirements;
  • assesses student outcomes that include all three Practices and three Concepts from a grade-level aligned Perspective.


FSC-Based CS4All Cohorts & Training Partners

Field Support Center-based Cohorts are part of CS4All’s strategic plan to prepare schools to offer a meaningful unit of computer science (CS) education to every NYC public school student.

Schools from seven FSC regions were selected for this effort, in collaboration with district Superintendents and FSC leadership. School teams in the cohort receive lead support from our team of FSC-embedded Computer Science Education Managers, who focus on implementation and training strategy for schools and districts.

CS Education Managers provide cohort school teams with:

  • guidance creating a computer science-infused vision for pedagogy
  • expertise in developing CS project-based learning artifacts
  • training in CS Concepts and Practices
  • coaching for classroom implementation
  • guidance on building capacity and scalability
Students at CS4All Showcase

Hack League Image of Student on Computer

Teacher Training Opportunities

In addition to support provided from the CS Education Managers, we also provide training opportunities for cohort teachers through partner organizations. School teams are matched with partner-led training opportunities that best meet the school’s computer science vision and goals. Partner-led training includes materials, resources, and support around specific CS content areas.

Through this targeted combination of CS4All-led and partner-led support, cohort schools will be equipped with the skills and experiences necessary to implement a unit of computer science and infuse CS into in their larger school goals.

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