Borough-Based Integrated Unit Cohort

CS4All provides support for three grade-specific units (K-2, 3-5, and 6-8) of the Computational Media Perspectives curriculum. These meaningful units are designed as project-based learning experiences and are designed to culminate in projects that can be integrated with other subject areas and/or include student-driven topic choices. CS4All staff provides professional learning and on-site support for the integrated unit curriculum that support teachers of all content areas to:

  • learn computer science concepts and practices
  • identify computer science connections to other subject areas
  • modify the computer science curriculum to fit classroom and student needs

Integrated units may be implemented during dedicated time blocks/periods for CS instruction or as an integrated component of other subject area time. CS4All also provides professional learning for building leaders and teacher leaders to design a multi-year CS implementation plan and scale CS to reach “for all.”

About the Integrated Unit Curriculum

Computational Media Perspectives (CMP) is a creative computing curriculum for elementary and middle schools focused on blended integration into content areas. Computational media is the practice of building expressive and interactive projects using computer programming. The main principle that drives this unit is that code can be a medium for creative expression. By adopting this principle, students will learn the fundamentals of computer science while using CS to explore, create, prototype, and test ideas. Further information about our approach to a meaningful unit is available on the CS4All Blueprint.

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