CS4All Alumnus: Kevin Alvarez

The CS4All team benefits from the contributions of intern Kevin Alvarez, a graduate of New York City public schools who is now studying computer science in college. An aspiring software engineer, Kevin will be interning with Google this summer. We asked Kevin to tell us more about his experiences with computer science.

Tell us how you became interested in computer science. Was computer science something you were always interested in, how did you learn about what computer science is? What about it do you find interesting?

I’ve always had an interest in computer since I was small. Growing up I played around with computers, but it wasn’t until I saw a movie that featured programming that I became really interested. From there I looked into the subject and learned more. What interested me about it was that I could build something using a computer.

How did your school introduce you to computer science? What classes did they offer and how did you hear about them?

Besides a bit of HTML and CSS, my school’s introduction to computer science was AP Computer Science Principles. Once I saw that some of my classmates were placed in the AP CSP course, I went straight to my counselor and registered for it.

Tell us three things that you enjoyed about the computer science program at your school.

I enjoyed being able to build games, attending my school’s hackathon, and being able to talk and collaborate with other students on computer science projects.

Tell us one or two things that were challenging about the class and how you overcame them.

Sometimes the labs were challenging. However, I overcame them by discussing the problem with others and coming back to the problem later. This let me clear my mind and come up with new ideas on how to tackle the problem.

Can you tell us two or three things you learned from the computer science program at your school? How has it helped you now that you’re in college?

I learned computer science fundamentals which I use a lot in college. I also learned about the inner workings of a computer which helps to know as a computer science student.

Tell us why you decided to be part of the CS4All team.

I saw this opportunity as a great way to get my foot in the door and get some experience regarding computer science.

Tell us about your new opportunity at Google. What will you be doing? How did your involvement in your high school’s computer science program and working with our team help you land this opportunity?

I will be interning at Google this summer in their engineering practicum program. At Google I will be completing a technical project along with another intern while receiving coaching and mentoring from Google engineers. Taking a computer science class in high school and interning for CS4All gave me valuable experience and knowledge that led to me being noticed.

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