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Celebrate CSEdWeek!

All NYC schools are encouraged to participate in Computer Science Education Week (CSEdWeek) from December 9-15, 2019. CSEdWeek is a great opportunity for every student to try computer science (CS)! Join the growing number of schools and educators in NYC bringing computer science to their students by hosting an Hour of Code or other CS community event! See below for resources and tips!

Make a pledge today to host an event and let us know what you are doing for CSEdWeek!

Schools Hosting a CSEdWeek Event

What is CSEdWeek?

Computer Science Education Week (CSEdWeek) is an annual, nationwide event that started in 2009 to raise awareness about the need for computer science education for all learners and highlight its importance in 21st-century careers. This year it’s celebrated the week of December 9.

Why host a CSEdWeek event?

Because it’s fun AND easy to do! Hosting an event can spark student interest in computer science, demonstrate how engaging the content can be, and help schools determine how to start making computer science part of their students’ education.

How do I plan an event?

Activities, event guides, posters, and so much more can be found right here: Resources include:

CSEdWeek 2019 Poster

CSEdWeek Workbook

Grades 6-12 Resources

Grades K-5 Resources

Hour of Code Activities  (all grade levels!)

Can I get a volunteer to help?

Of course! organizes local volunteers to help with computer science events and activities:

What if I’ve planned an event and am ready to celebrate?

Then let us know! CS4All would love to know what fun event you have planned for your school: We will follow up with you on how to go beyond an Hour of Code and keep you up to date on CS4All opportunities.

How do I promote my event?

Get Social! Twitter! Instagram! Facebook! No time to be shy. Let everyone know the great work you are doing with your students. We’ve put together a social media kit you can reference for inspiration. Make sure to use these hashtags and follow these accounts: #CSForAllNYC #CSEdWeek @CSForAllNYC @nyschools

Check out our CSEdWeek Informational Video!

CSEdWeek Informational Video

About CS4All

Computer Science for All (CS4All) will ensure all NYC public school students learn computer science, with an emphasis on female, black, and Latino students. Through our work, students will be better prepared to utilize computer science during their K-12 experience and after graduation.

In the fall of 2015, Mayor Bill de Blasio and the Chancellor announced an ambitious set of goals for New York City schools: by 2026, 80% of our students will graduate high school on time, and two-thirds of our students will be college ready.

There are eight initiatives that comprise the Equity and Excellence agenda that will ensure all students receive a world-class education and have the opportunity to reach their full potential. Computer Science For All (CS4All) is one of these Equity and Excellence initiatives.


CS4All will ensure all NYC public school students learn computer science, with an emphasis on female, black, and Latino students. Through our work, students will be better prepared to utilize computer science during their K-12 experience and after graduation.

Thanks to this unprecedented public to private partnership, all NYC public school students will receive a meaningful, high‐quality Computer Science (CS) education at each grade level: K-2, 3-5, 6-8, and 9-12 by 2025.

Over the next 10 years, the DOE will train nearly 5,000 teachers who will bring CS education to the city’s about 1.1 million public school students.

Through CS4All, NYC students will learn to think with the computer, instead of using computers to simply convey their thinking. Students will learn computational thinking, problem-solving, creativity and critical thinking. They will also learn to collaborate and build relationships with peers, communicate and create with technologies, and to better understand technologies we interact with daily.

These skills will be integral to student success in higher education, the 21st-century job market, and beyond.

All schools will provide CS education to all students by 2025

Schools can implement a CS education in a way that aligns best to their educational vision. Computer science can be a semester course, a multi-year sequence, or incorporated into other content area courses (e.g. science, math, art,) in middle and high schools. For elementary schools, CS can be incorporated into core classes or cluster classes like art, music, or technology.

The DOE and partner organizations will offer an array of professional learning opportunities to train nearly 5,000 elementary, middle and high school teachers. This will ensure that all students receive at least one meaningful, high-quality CS learning experience at each school level, across the range of implementation options.

What Does a Computer Science Education Look Like?

Computer science can be the subject of a semester-long course, a multi-year sequence, or incorporated into other content areas, such as science, math, or art.

When you enter a computer science classroom you may find students:

  • Working together to solve problems
  • Writing code and adapting existing code to their own projects
  • Working with teachers and peers to troubleshoot code
  • Building physical prototypes as part of the design process
  • Participating in unplugged activities (that do not use technology), to introduce them to CS fundamentals
  • Using online resources to look up examples and find resources to assist with problem-solving


CS4All is a public-private partnership with New York City supported by a range of foundations, corporations, nonprofits, families, and individuals. For a list of current partners, visit


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