Advanced Pathfinders Intern: Samier Serrano

After interning with CSNYC during his junior year of high school through the Pathfinders Internship Program, Samier Serrano joined the CS4All team as an Advanced Pathfinder for his senior year of high school. An avid JFK coin collector, video game player, and sports fan, Samier is planning to attend SUNY Geneseo in the fall. His dream is to work in cybersecurity, a combination of his interests in computer science and law enforcement. Samier shared his thoughts on computer science and the Pathfinders Internship Program, below.

What will your college major be and why?

I would like to major in cybersecurity because it incorporates my interest in law enforcement and computer science. After lots of research, my college counselor and I came up with cybersecurity.

How did you become interested in computer science?

My AP Computer Science teacher introduced me to computer science and helped me through the hard parts of the class and I’ve been hooked ever since.

What do you find interesting about computer science?

In computer science your mind is the limit, and I find that extremely interesting because I am a heavy daydreamer. Being able to bring those creative thoughts alive through computer science is fascinating to me.

What skills have you learned from computer science?

One important skill I learned from computer science is abstraction, which is when you’re able to condense you larger script into something smaller.

Why did you decide to apply for Pathfinders?

I applied to Pathfinders because I was fairly new to computer science and just started to like it, so I thought Pathfinders would teach me more about CS.

What did you like most about Pathfinders?

I like the idea of placing us in different companies for internships and then debriefing/reflecting all of our perspectives at the end.

How has your experience in Pathfinders helped you be better prepared for college and a career?

My Pathfinders experience has helped me be better prepared for college and a career because it showed me what I should expect in the real world, which was extremely helpful.

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