Register for CS4All Programs in 2020-21

Register for CS4All Programs in 2020-21

Interested in bringing computer science (CS) education to your students? Want to empower your students to change the world? Would you like to build capacity to teach CS at your school? Planning on offering a more robust CS sequence? If you answered yes to any of these questions, read on to see how NYCDOE’s CS Education Team can help guide you to realize your vision for CS! All NYC public and charter schools are invited to register for computer science training with CS4All, regardless of whether or not they have already started teaching computer science.

What is CS Education?

Computer science (CS) is the study of the capabilities and limitations of computers to help humans solve problems creatively. Computational literacy is the ability to understand how CS can be applied in all walks of life. CS provides students with the opportunity to learn computational thinking, problem-solving, creativity, and critical thinking—skills that are relevant to and support many other subjects. Computer science is a creative outlet and can empower your students to change the world. Rather than being passive users of a computer, students learn to create with a computer.

You can read more about how CS4All defines CS education here:

What is CS4All?

Computer Science for All (CS4All) was initiated in NYC in 2015 out of the desire to level the playing field and provide computer science education to ALL students, regardless of background or economic status. CS4All’s goal is to ensure all NYC public schools students learn computer science, with an emphasis on female, Black, and Latinx students. To date, CS4All has trained over 1,900 teachers at over 800 schools. During the 2018-19 school year over 160,000 students learned computer science. The NYCDOE’s CS Education Team’s goals are to bring CS to all students and align to New York State’s efforts to prioritize CS education across the state, which is done through providing CS curriculum and professional development.

You can read more about CS4All and the CS Education Team’s mission here:

What Does CS4All Offer?

CS4All provides teachers and school leaders with professional development opportunities so they can implement CS as a multi-year sequence, a semester-long course (for middle and high schools), or as a unit integrated into other subjects (for elementary and middle schools).

Is your school new to CS4All?

If your school…

  • has not completed a one/multi-year CS4All program
  • does not have any teachers who have completed a five-day CS4All PD program
  • has teachers who may have only attended a one or two day CS4All PD. (ex. Scratch, CS Ed Week)
…then you are a new school.

Schools in our programs receive one year of support including paid, CTLE-eligible PD, coaching, curriculum, and all materials needed to teach computer science (excluding computers). All CS4All curriculum is aligned with NYCDOE’s Blueprint for CS Education and provides students with opportunities to explore CS concepts and practices, and develop their computational perspectives through hands-on, creative activities.

Click here for more information: Overview for CS4All New Schools

Is your school returning to CS4All?

If your school…

  • is currently participating in or has completed a one/multi-year CS4All program
  • has a teacher(s) that is currently participating in or have completed a five-day CS4All PD program
…then you are a returning school.

After completing a year in our program and attending all professional development, returning schools are given the opportunity to continue their work with us through additional training, such as:

  • Growing your school’s CS Team
  • Preparing one of your teachers to become a CS Lead
  • Additional support for administrators who wish to improve their school CS Vision

Click here for more information: Overview for CS4All Returning Schools

How Can My School Register for CS4All Programmatic Support?


  • Registration is still open, and submissions are reviewed on a rolling basis
  • Matches will be communicated through summer 2020
Register for CS4All Programs in 2020-21

The registration form should be completed by a school administrator (principal or assistant principal) in collaboration with an individual teacher or teacher team. Please complete one form per school. Before submitting a registration form, all associated teachers and administrators should be notified of their potential commitments to the CS4All program (see program overviews above).

When registration closes, the CS Education Team will match schools to the CS4All program offering that would best support each school’s current CS offerings, teachers’ background and experience, mission statement, and vision for the long-term integration of CS education.

Placement in a CS4All unit, course, or program is contingent upon capacity and not guaranteed. Any school that is not matched with a program for the 2020-21 school year will be placed on a waitlist.

Have Questions? Contact us at programs[at]strongschools[dot]nyc.

About the author


Dan Gaylord is the Computer Science Education Manager for Queens North. Dan has been studying Computer Science for most of his life, taking his first course as a freshman in high school (in PASCAL) and he hasn’t stopped learning since then. He majored in Computer Science at Rutgers University, then became a Math & Computer Science teacher in a high school in New Jersey. Bringing Computer Science to all students in NYC is the perfect next step for him, and he is looking forward to helping all administrators, teachers, students, and parents see the amazing things that can be accomplished with Computer Science Education!

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