CS Teachers Conference

CS Teachers Conference

Want to learn more about the CS4All CS Teachers Conference? Continue reading to learn more about how you could present a workshop or showcase your school!


What is the CS Teachers Conference?

The CS Teachers Conference is a full-day conference for K-12 NYC CS teachers featuring presentations by NYC CS teachers and school teams that will take place on May 4, 2019; 9:30 am – 4:00 pm. The conference will feature a keynote speaker, breakout sessions led by NYC CS teachers and partners, a fair-style school showcase, networking opportunities, and other engaging activities!

We want to create a community and unite CS teachers across NYC, regardless of what you teach, where you teach, or how long you’ve taught.

We hope that attendees gain tools and resources that they can use in their classroom and leave feeling inspired, motivated and connected to other CS teachers.


Why a CS Teachers Conference?

There are many computer science (CS) teachers in NYC doing amazing work to bring CS alive for students. The CS Teachers Conference is an opportunity for CS teachers across NYC to come together, share and learn from each other, and build community.


What are the goals of the CS Teachers Conference?

  • To provide CS teachers with an opportunity to learn directly from other CS teachers.
  • To provide CS teachers with a platform to present and share their work with their colleagues.
  • To support the development of a broad, cross-program/curricular CS teacher community in NYC.
  • To provide CS teachers across NYC with an opportunity to network and hear about what CS looks like in other schools.

Present at the CS Teachers Conference

WHO: We are looking for NYC teachers that are currently teaching CS or supporting the CS program at their schools at any grade level (elementary, middle, or high) to present at the CS Teachers Conference. In schools with multiple CS teachers, we encourage presentations by CS teacher teams.

WHAT: We are looking for CS teachers and teams to present in one of two ways (your choice):

  • Lead a 45-minute breakout session (workshop) for up to ~35 other teachers.
  • Present a poster in a 60-minute fair-style school showcase (booths).

Possibile topics include:

  • Assessment tools & strategies for CS
  • Culture & community building around CS
  • Culturally responsive education/teaching (CRE/T)
  • Differentiating a CS lesson
  • English Language Learners
  • Equity in computer science
  • Family engagement strategies for CS
  • Funding CS for your school or classroom
  • Integrating CS into other content areas
  • Partnerships for CS
  • Tools & technology for CS
  • Students with disabilities
  • Project-based learning
  • Universal Design Learning

Submit Your Proposal!

We encourage you to submit a proposal to be a presenter today! To learn more about the proposal process and varying presentation options, check out this document: bit.ly/CSTeachersConProposalGuide

Submit your proposal by March 20th through this form: bit.ly/CSTeachersCon

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