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Joe Melendez Bio

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 Joe MelendezComputer Science Education Manager for Manhattan

Raised by a single mother across the Hudson River in a town called West New York, Joe Melendez was lucky enough to receive a computer for his 13th birthday, an IBM Aptiva 486/50 with 4mb of RAM and whopping 360mb of storage. By far the most expensive gift he had ever received coming in well over his family’s budget, Joe had to learn how to work with the constraints of a limited machine when he wanted to play the latest games, upgrade it when they required at least 8mb of RAM, and fix them when he would eventually delete or install something he should not have. It was that gift of technology that has lead Joe Melendez to become the Computer Science Education Manager for Manhattan almost 25-years later, where he aspires to provide the same opportunities to The City’s students.

Previously Joe has worked in education at ExpandEd Schools as their STEM Manager, the New York Academy of Sciences, as a curriculum developer and edtech specialist, and the Liberty Science Center as an educational program developer. Prior to that he had worked as a computer hardware specialist for a small startup in New Jersey and a staff reporter for a small local paper in California. At all these roles, he has used the skills and knowledge that he acquired with that IBM Aptiva.

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